saavn pro crack

Saavn Pro 5.6 apk Modded Cracked

Play Store Link :

What’s New :

* Dark variant is now more darker
* My Music – all your favorite Songs, Albums, Artists and Playlists magically organized
* Offline Search – You wanted Search in My Music? You got it! And it works in Offline mode too!
* Add to My Music – The quickest and easiest way to save your music. Just tap Add from any Song, Album, or Playlist page
* Shuffle All – Listen to your songs like a boss with the new Shuffle experience from My Music!

Features of this app :

Listen Free – Unlimited, Anywhere, Anytime
* Play any song, on demand
* Create and save playlists of your favourite songs
* Enjoy expertly curated playlists in Hindi, English, and Indian regional languages, for every occasion
* Saavn Radio – endless music for any mood, song, or artist
* Don’t know what you want? Browse the Top Charts, or browse to your favorite Mood or Genre and let us do the rest!

Saavn Pro
* Download your music for listening offline
* No ads or interruptions
* 320kbps high-quality audio downloads
* No contracts or obligations

Features of this mod :

• Removed all types of ads completely. AdFree Streaming
• Removed Promotional layouts
• Paid “Pro” subscription is activated by default for free. Download any song in high Premium quality (320kbps)
• Choose between Dark / Light Theme (Original App has light theme)
• In-App updater of added for future MOD updates
Note: User won't be able to PLAY downloaded songs in other music players due DRM protection.

Instructions :

* Select which type of theme you want. (Original app theme is light)
* Install apk & LOGIN (You must have to login to get PRO) If u get error while logging in via facebook then TRY TO LOGIN TWICE. It will work 2nd time if not 1st
* Subscribe on pushbullet to get notified for future updates =>

App Info :

Package name:
Version Name & Code (Build) : 5.6 (64)
Updated on : 18 February 2017
Developed by :
Required Android Version : 4.0.3 ICECREAM SANDWICH and up (API 15)
Architectures Supported : armeabi
Light Mod apk (Size | MD5) : 14.4 MB (1,51,56,088 bytes) | 66E3BAC8F85808AC61B1109CBD756C77
Dark Mod apk (Size | MD5) : 14.3 MB (1,50,46,236 bytes) | 003E7A1D5114394492BD2AD7C291B942
Original APK size : 15.4 MB

Download Link (Light APK):

Link 1

Download Link (Dark APK):

Link 1
  • Samer Abbas

    Not working!! Asks me to choose a language and when I choose one it says it doesnt support that language. Not working with any language.

    • Lee T

      Same problem for me with all the versions, let me know the solution if you find any

      • Samer Abbas

        I have the same problem with all the versions. I’m using S7 Edge and have Android Nougat.

  • Prateek Garg

    Parsing error for the package

  • Prateek Garg

    Parsing error for package in dark apk. Trying the light one.

  • Aman sheikh official

    Am your oldest user AND I LOVE YOU OSMDROID TEAM

  • Aman sheikh official

    I joined you as a subway surfers player

  • Gurkanwal Chauhan

    Thanks bro for your awesome work…never had any issue with it. Thanks again . Dont stop workinn!!

  • Lee T

    Hi I cannot use this app in my Phone, after installation it is showing to select a language but i am unable to select it is showing ” we do not support this language currently please try again” .

    • Hacker

      Use this method if you stuck on language select.

      1: first download apk.
      2: Turn on vpn on Indian server.
      (Touchvpn has Indian server and it’s free).
      3: Then install apk. And it should work now.

  • Mayuresh Gadre

    Thank you

  • Shiva

    First install any version with 4.x and then update to 5.6, this worked for me.

  • Md Asad Uddin Shimul

    Thanks for your great sharing…You are the best….Saavn Pro by OSMDROID…No alternatives but the best alternative

  • Shivam Bhatia

    Please help
    Please add a feature to save the downloaded songs in SD card
    My phone has only 8gb memory and I get “Out of storage space” messages everyday
    Please help me
    Thank you in advance

    • Send this to Saavn. Osmdroid only cracks it. They do not add any new feature.

    • Gautam

      Hey!! All songs have DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected. There is very solution… If you want to know just let me know.

      • Hans De Jong

        How play DRM with other player?

      • Amuja Mhatre

        Buddy, that will be really helpful. I would love to play few premium content downloaded, copied to PC and play.

      • alex

        Just play a downloaded song then pause it. Go to sd card > android> data >com.saavn…..> songs… sort files by last modified.. then copy the first file current.mp3 to another folder and change name …thats it enjoy

      • alex

        Just play a downloaded song then pause it. Go to sd card > android> data >com.saavn…..> songs… sort files by last modified.. then copy the first file current.mp3 to another folder and change name …thats it enjoy

    • Nicky

      Did you try to moving app to sd card? And then try to download songs. I’m not sure if this works, because I have Oneplus 2 64 GB. I don’t have any issues with respect to data storage.

      Try and let me know, usually if the application is moved to SD card, the application and it’s data splits into sd card and phone storage.

    • alex

      There’s 1 thing u can do download folder mount [root] app and copy saavn data to ext sd card… make sure u know whatu r doing. Needs root and fast ext sd card.

    • akshay

      Bro there is only one way you gotta root your device and install mount folder app,

  • Urvish Gandhi

    I am using samsung note 5 in canada and I am not able to access settings button…whenever i touch settings, it shows error saying ,”Unfortunately, Saavn stopped working” Help me out

  • Urvish Gandhi

    I am using Saavn pro in Note 5 and I am not able to access settings button…whenever i touch settings, it shows error saying ,”Unfortunately, Saavn stopped working” Help me out

  • Janam Patel

    It is telling that songs are downloading but they are not help!

  • Hans De Jong

    Hello all of you, just install the modded app version 5.6 do not open yet then as (Hacker) wrote use TouchVPN connect to India then open the app choose your languages, login and do your settings and yes you have now all! NOTE: Settings only possible when connected to India so far!
    Please give feedback if it worked??

  • Sanket Mohapatra

    Really awesome work and keep doing this.

  • chiqou

    Thanks bro u r always the best , this time when I have updated it it’s not working properly , if I open it 10 times may be it will work just 1 time , I live in Dubai and I tried Mumbai based VPN even , it work only 1 time , can u plz help me , thanks and keep up the good work , take care bro

  • Jan

    Guys plz help me. For me it doesn’t open at all. I tried all versions. A month ago it worked after uninstaling it does not open any more. Why?

    • Hans De Jong

      Jan, do just that what i wrote down…and it must work…for it workshop for me also! When not connected to India as i self experience you can not do settings and it will stop the app…so VPN to India do choose your languages and login and it is fully active…then you can have your own country VPN and then search, listen, download etc…and when you want to change settings again always use India vpn!! INSTALL ONLY THE NEW SAAVN PRO 5.6 MODDED APP ONLY!!

      • Md Asraf Ali

        100% working thanks bro

      • Jan

        The problem is I do all steps u said. But it’s not opening at all. Quits immediately as soon as I click on app to open 🙄

        • xymic

          Try enabling Location or Storage permission from App Settings.

          • Jan

            Did that as well. Still not working 😕

      • Sumit Verma

        what is india vpn not getting you

  • Jan

    No one ready to help? Admin u maybe?

  • Can you please disable the always irritating location prompt. It asks this everytime I open the app.

  • Gautam

    Hey bro!! Everything is fine with the mod… Everything works great. But there is something missing i.e. the notification player.. it very classic and old looking. I wanted Spotify kinda player….

  • Darab Imteyaz

    I am in Russia, maybe Saavn ban English song outside of India, would you able to bypass that too?
    Waiting for your response.


  • Praveen

    Not working it show ” we dont support selected language”

  • Praveen
  • swayam aggarawal

    Its not working,
    Everytime I install and error come with name, app not installed.
    Please help,
    Ps – my mobile is not rooted

  • Riddhi Bhanushali

    I cant even download any song now it just keeps showing in process all day and then too no downloaded songs 😭 …i have tried all links and theme but i can download a single song..😭😭 please help

  • Vishal Chandak

    Hi, do you have any online repository where others can contribute too…

  • Jasdev Singh

    Weekly top 15 not working

  • Amit

    Why i am not able to choose a language? It says “we do not support this language currently”. Please fix or help.

  • Govind Katkamwar

    I have 5.5 moded version installed and now trying to install 5.6 moded version but it’s not installing.

    • Harjinder singh

      I think u hv to uninstall the 5.5 version first, then try to install this versiin…. sometimes it happens with sm devices my HTC has the same problem but my Samsung tab doesn’thv this prob. …. but be4 doing this make sure to backup ur 5.5 version just in case if u lost both or u can download 5.5 version again…. ;)

  • Vraj Mehta


  • Arun Kumar

    Setting option not working in latest version bro

    • OmBheemBush

      Did you make it work?

  • Muhammad Nawaz Shariff

    You guys are the best! Really appreciating.. <3 i got this site through sadeemapk they are posting your app on their site naming it by their's …ill help u guys in promoting this site everywhere. If u want.

  • Muhammad Nawaz Shariff

    Guys i got a problem , cant follow my friends who are using same mod saavn. They not even on the list. PLEASE HELP…!

  • Prince Rajpoot

    Very amazing works fine 100%
    Please upload hotstar cracked version

  • Yash Aggarwal

    The downloaded songs list does not appear while playing a song from that list…. Plz help

  • Subal Suchdev

    The only problem I discover with saavn is that when I’m driving, I use my headset’s multifunctional button in hope to change the music, but all that it does is it pauses the music and plays it when pressed again, the double press to forward and triple to previous doesn’t work with it, is there any fix for this issue????

  • Srikanth

    For some reason. Weekly top 15 playlist not working and if I press on the settings the app closing abruptly. And all the charts and playlist loading very slowly.

  • mr robot

    you can play the song downloaded from saavan in any music player using some steps.

  • SS

    Best app, keep up the good work. I have updated to latest version. When i try select language, list is empty. Also i am not able find favourite list or starred songs.

  • Ajay Kumar

    Working 100%, thanks mate

  • Himanshu Kapri

    Hello man… This crack app is awesome… I appreciate you but problem is small for me is that… When I shuffle my songs it will shuffle only one song and then songs are play at their original order… And when I lock my fone or press home button shuffle action is not working… Pls fix this issue…

  • Himanshu Kapri

    One more thing… I’m not able to find some of explicit song like starboy by weeknd is Clean version on saavan…. And some of the Eminem Explicit songs?????

  • Abhijeet Roy

    Respected Devs, I feel it’s my duty to let you know that I am having serious issues with this mod. Songs are not being downloaded (tried multiple internet connections and devices), they just stay as it is after I press the download button (3 dots). I have tried clearing the cache and what not but still the problem persists, please try to fix this in the next update. And loads of thanks and gratitude from my side for your awesome work. Keep it up.


    Is it legal to download songs from cracked saavn app?

    • Siddharth Daga

      You’re basically asking if piracy is legal.. No, but that’s OSMDROID’s problem, not yours.

  • Himanshu Sharma

    Awesome work Sir, Keep it up👍

  • Raam

    It doesn’t allow me to select the language.

  • Abhijeet Roy

    Please change the logo to the original Saavn type….. Please I beg

  • shubhra sharma

    I cant add songs in my playlist
    like in older version when we open downloaded song we had an option that says add to playlist and it would add all the downloaded songs now it have that i have to add each song to play list


    can’t install app
    it says an existing package with with conflicting signature is already installed.

    what to do?
    please help

  • Ashish Rajput

    When clicking on activate pro it is asking for coupan code, why is that?

    • Hardik

      It is already a pro version you dont need to worry about that

  • Hardik

    I have been using saavan for like 6 months you are doing great work but just add a save to sd option in settings it will be really helpful. I highly recommend this feature to be added in future

  • sarthak kumar

    Is it just me or the app stutters for everyone?? Also while Changing songs it takes long time to load next song..

    • Ambarish Bose

      Same here… It’s irritating.. :(

    • Sanchit Yadav

      so much problems comming…not even able to download, and much more like login etc

  • vishant yadav

    Brother after some time downloaded songs are not working .

  • Hardik

    The music bar appears black on notification shade but white is much better and it also looks good… I’ll be waiting for your next update

  • Abhi Panchal

    Dear developer,
    I would like u to bring certain things, which are left in this update, their is no option to delete particular songs which is downloaded. Thanks for this really awesome and update this and all done !

  • Akhil

    I use a gionee phone and when ever i try to install it, it say there’s some conflict with an existing package, i uninstalled the play store version, but it still doesn’t work

  • Rich View

    Need help. Can’t get past language select option. Keeps saying language not supported.

  • Live life king size

    I downloaded the app and it works but it asks to activate the “pro” option. I thought that is already activated with this hack. I am on android 7.0. Thanks

  • Armaan Sattikar

    If I update to newest version, will my offline music still be saved?

  • Ambarish Bose

    Great work but two problems (might be at Saavn’s end)
    1. Heavy stuttering while scrolling down the queue/playlist. Have been there since a couple of updates in the past. I believe 5.2 was the stable one.
    2. Opening the downloads folder while online takes time to load. Repeatedly have to first disable the internet connection and then open the folder.
    Admin, if possible, please try to fix these by the next update.

  • Angel

    The App has been updated with major bugfixes. The version is still 5.6 but there are bugfixes. Can you crack the same and upload with bugfixes?

  • Farid Ahmad

    Plz fix that after installing its not working posting here screen short …

  • Venkata Pakalapati

    I live in Canada and downloaded the apk. I cannot select any language.
    Any advice

  • Sourav Ray

    Please when you do the next mod can you enable landscape mode for tabs if possible

  • Indar Movva

    Only hindi language is available. Im trying to access other languages like telugu and tamil, the language selection page remains blank.

  • Surya

    Guys when Install it says app not installed. 😥help me please

  • Shivaji Rao Gaikwad

    Please update to 5.7.1

  • Abhisek Maheswari

    All the English songs have become unavailable! Hindi songs are fine. Even my earlier downloaded English songs were deleted!

  • Maestro Maisam

    I am not able to access English songs??!! Help please.
    In music languages setting, nothing shows up aswell.

  • Mayank Sparrow

    Unable to download music in this version.neither login to get previous downloads

  • Vedant Murudkar

    Please release new mod since I can’t download new songs now . It doesn’t let me login . This happened suddenly as on 5 may 2017. Its available only for offline now.
    If u can crack wynk or gaana app it would be very helpful.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Strider S

    It was working​ fine for me , but now it suddenly got logged out and now I’m not able to login.
    P.S:I have 3.8GB of downloaded songs so uninstalling and I installing is not an option.

  • Hemant Vora

    I installed this app on mymoto g5 pluse.
    Every time i try to log in it allows me to log in but as soon as I try to download any songs it shows please log in i have tried loggung in more than 15 to 20 times still it shows i am not logged in!
    Help me please.

  • Monu

    Bro i am unable to download any song… It’s just showing login option in my musics and device authorization successful but still unable to download songs

  • Aditya

    Is it just me or u can’t login to saavn now?

  • Pranav

    Please help… I’ve been using this app since last few months… I’d made songs offline by logging in but since yesterday saavn keeps stopping n I’m logged out… When i try to login,it says logging in please wait…n again​ the same home screen appears n asks for login…so i can’t offline any more songs… instead i can’t login… neither by Mobile no nor by email…
    I tried uninstalling the app clearing the data,then login was successful for a few hours and i did offline some songs…but now a pop up appeared saavn has stopped and when i opened the app i was logged out of my account…the songs which i made offline recently were there but i couldn’t offline any more songs…

    It’s a glitch in the app…stuttering and stopping has started since the last update…i.e. 5.5

  • Runay Rane

    I’m​ not able to login with Facebook all my content is now gone please resolve this issue ASAP!

  • Alok Chahande

    Its not logging me in despite of saying I have already authorized it with fb. Cant see my downloads.

  • Rohan Gandhi

    Not able to log in. Neither with Facebook nor with mobile number. Thus not able to download songs. Have to switch to offline mode to listen to pre-downloaded songs. Help!

  • Antara Singh

    Hey.. suddenly i m not able to download any songs .. tried logging in with different accounts, even re-installed new saavn
    . but no luck .. please help .. tanx.

  • Jaydatt Champavat

    Not working anymore…after release of saavn 5.7…pls do anything.

  • Vikram Nimbawat

    It’s not working!! not able to download any song.. :(
    Tried everything.

  • Sharfuddin Baba Mohammed

    Songs not being downloaded anymore, can’t even login using Facebook/ phone number

  • Ishan Thakur

    I need help. My Facebook login doesn’t seem to be working anymore. It doesn’t open up and I’ve tried many times logging in again and again. I’m not able to sync my downloads, not even able to listen to my previously saved songs. Does anybody have any solution for this? I’ve downloaded the latest version as well but no help.

    • Rohan Gandhi

      Same problem. Help.

    • pradeep mishra

      Yea Ishan it happens because you are using the crack servers after some time somewhat detect your presence and forcefully terminate your account you need to understand install your app the wipe the cache and login again

  • Soumil Goel

    I was using the app since long but suddenly i got logged out and now i am not able to log in ….its shows success when i log in but nothing changes in the app its like before only….plz help

    • Antara Singh

      same problem .. i re installed the previpus version.. but no luck

      • SidXing

        same here, may be we all arr seized by using pro as free

  • Eric George

    Does this have a music player widget?

  • Akhil kumar

    Can’t login. What happened?

  • Sharfuddin Baba Mohammed

    Is this only me or everyone is unable to login in Saavn to download music. Only streaming is possible as of now.

    • Navin Dudhale

      I am facing the same problem!!!😷

    • itsyaboihero

      Any solution for this?
      Maybe it’s because 5.7 version is out and cracked version is yet to come

      • Nabendu Mondal

        Yes 5.7 is out on play store I guess we will also get it soon

    • Arpit Sawarn

      Me also…. unable to login… i guess some kind of bug in this!

      • Sharfuddin Baba Mohammed

        May be the developers of Saavn app have found a solution against this mod and hence the trouble for us.

        • Arpit Sawarn

          exactly… now we need a cracked 5.7 saavn along with this bug fixed! Hope osmdroid provide us a better solution!

          • Ram S Charan

            Me as well

          • Hrushikesh

            Hey there, We got the solution for this.
            1) Uninstall your current Saavn Pro (MOD) apk [don’t worry, your songs will not be removed]
            2) Now download the Saavn Pro (MOD) app .apk file and Install it on your phone.
            3) Login with the API that you used before (i.e. by Facebook/Mobile number/E-mail) – [Possibly you may be logged in right after the installation]
            4) Done, It will be working most probably.

            [This is a temporary fix.There may be chances to happen the same again]

          • prashanth

            I have tried it but still I’m getting the issue..

          • Sheikh Faizan

            I cant download songs even though i logged in but still cant download songs

          • Asmi Soni

            Not happening

          • Krishna

            did it.happened again.
            we need a new version.

          • Kshitiz Verma

            plus when we uninstall the app we loss the offline songs we have

          • Prathamesh Chavan


          • Ravneet Singh Gaba

            I have better one…
            Download older version of the app(MOD).
            Install and login you will get all the songs back, well just the names…they will not work in offline mode.
            But you can online stream then.
            With me for some days I was able to download new songs but now I am at the same stage as before.(the problem one)
            Now I am able to listen all my songs

          • Pratyush Pratap Singh

            Buddy I’m unable to downloa
            d older versions. Can you please provide me the link for that.

          • Ravneet Singh Gaba

            Download it from any other site. Osmdroid will let you download only the latest version

          • Samuel David

            Which other site??

          • PRITI SAHA

            When I unstalled saavan app then all song are removed from my mobile…. Is it true?
            Then is it need to download again?

          • Aakash Malhotra

            yes you need to download them again.

          • Shaurya

            Uninstall The MOD app & Download the app from play store then uninstall the play store app & then login with a new ID(your old songs would be lost)

          • Swapnil Arora

            I am still facing the same issue….tried re installing 4-5 times but nothing is working…..when should we expect the newer version to release?

          • Ash

            Worked Thanks!!

          • Anandu Sugathan

            Worked for me. Tnx..

      • RAVI

        if you are facing download issue like me

        1… uninstall this
        2… download orignal from playstore …
        3… uninstall original …..
        4… install this again …..

        If its help for you comment as it helps for me…

        • Sriram Chowdary

          It worked perfectly for me ..thanks bro

        • Prithvi Raj

          The fix is just temporary bro.after a few hours u will get logged out:-(

        • sam

          It’s getting logged out automatically after some time. Plz help. I don’t want to loose my offline songs.

          • Bhavishya Saggar

            Just keep ur app open… N download all the songs u want to.. Once downloaded u can use them in offline mode also . This will work even though u have been logged out but U’ll not be able to download more songs. Though I haven’t been logged out since I used dis trick.

        • Abhishek abhi

          Its worked..

    • Simrandeep Singh

      Same here😑

    • Neel K.Gangrade

      Not able to download songs, logged me out. OSMDROID, please fix this 🙁 thanks

      • Neel K.Gangrade

        Not working now 😕 tried all versions… We need a new modded version asap

      • Kshitiz Verma

        Yes!!!same happened with me!

    • Asmi Soni

      Same with me

    • Palash Bhandare

      yea im facing this problem too

    • Deep Jain (DJ)

      Same here.. I got logged out and then couldn’t logging

    • Prekshit

      Same issue here…

    • Nitin Pal

      Download Saavn from Playstore. Login there. Listen to a song. Now, uninstall the app. And install the modded version. And try to login. It’ll work.

      • Nabendu Mondal

        Nitin it worked thanks

        • Tushar Patekar

          Worked for me, thanks

      • Amritpal Singh

        Thanks man

      • Ravneet Singh Gaba

        Didi this few days ago, but now on same stage.

      • Rohan Pandey

        Thanks alot Nitin worked for me

      • Sagar Mistry

        yes bro. its working.

      • Amritpal Singh

        It worked but temporary

    • Runay Rane

      Yup same problem here

    • कटारीया दीप अरविंद प्रतिमा

      This problem appeared two days ago you just need to uninstall the app and download saavn from play store login and then uninstall the app again and install modded apk. This should work now. Worked for me and few other people

      • Kshitiz Verma

        sir i did it a lot of times…but after sometime the logout thing happens agian…not working…suggest something else please

    • G.v. Dayanithy

      Me..Too…. Without saavn…It’s like hell… When is the 5.7 version gonna come

    • Siddhant

      LogIn feature is not working in Latest Saavn version for Android 7.1.1, osmdroid plz help..

    • Arun Panthri

      Yes true..same issue with me also..unable to login..

    • Kratika Singh

      Same thing is happening with me.i think we need a new version

    • Shajahan Shaik (Shaj)

      You’re not alone.. I think Saavn found out about this and blocked this modded apk to access their server.

    • Abhishek Sharma

      Yes i am facing the same problem

    • RAVI

      if you are facing download issue like me

      1… uninstall this
      2… download orignal from playstore …
      3… uninstall original …..
      4… install this again …..

      If its help for you comment as it helps for me… Thanks

      • Sanchit Yadav

        yea, i tried it accidentally..and it works..and then see these comments…hahah nice

    • Suhas Khadse

      Older version did the trick

    • Shivanshu Kashyap

      I think everyone is having this problem and yeah you can login with mobile option the only problem is of downloading the songs again

    • Nishant Jain

      same problem

    • Rahul Lekshmanan

      See sharfuddin it happens to all who download and use this app recently. For those who downloaded before works perfectly

  • Ravneet Singh Gaba

    The app is not working properly now. Till some days back it was all fine, but now my profile has been logged out and I am unable to login back. Once I was able to login but some of my downloaded songs were missing, like 40 songs. But that time also my profile logged out automatically.
    Please help.

    • Arpit Sawarn

      same happening here!

    • Kshitiz Verma

      sir your problem is very less…i had 368 songs offline…i was fully dependent on this app for songs…and after this logout problem..i loast all my songs…and noe i am suffering a lot..have so songs now…osmdroid do something fast please…

      • Ravneet Singh Gaba

        Well I did something which helped me to know the names of the songs in my download list and now I can online stream all of them….want me to share??

        • Kshitiz Verma

          Yes sir

          • Ravneet Singh Gaba

            Read below comments… I’ve replied to one person.

  • Akshay Deo

    Please update to 5.7.1 thank you 🦁

  • Rakshit Jargad

    Saavn account got automatically logged out, now cannot log back in or download any songs. Tried logging in through everything : facebook, email, mobile number etc.
    Please help

    • SidXing

      Same here!!!

  • Ayush

    The app just wont work. Even after logging in from facebook i still get the log in error and i cant download songs.
    The device gets authorized but the songs don’t get downloaded.

  • Vivekanandan Jai

    Hey Everybody .If you download older versions this prob wont be there..But dont download it from this site.. Because every link redirects to newest version.. to download songs in mp3 use version 4.7 apk.. I m using that and im not gonna update it for another 100 years :D

    • Rohan Govardhan

      Download from which site then ?

  • hrishikesh gandhi

    I am using this cracked version since a long time now but suddenly now I am logged out and no mater how many times I try to login it just doesn’t login , for a moment it shows successfully logged in and the next second I am again logged out .
    Pls help this was not happening before .

  • SidXing

    Unable to log in, please help!

  • Shaggy_Haider

    Unable to login to my account. Please help.

  • Nabendu Mondal

    Can’t login I deleted the app and re installed still nothing plz help

  • Vishal Chauhan

    after this update it logs me out automatically. Once its logged out no matter how many times you tried to log in it doesn’t work. My device is one plus one

  • Kanishk Srivastava

    Can’t login anymore

  • Arpit Sawarn

    Plz fix it.. everytime i login to saavn.. it get auto logout after 2-3 days! if some kind of bug plz fix it or provide a solution anyone!!

  • Anurag Singh

    I am unable to login can anyone help pls

  • Utkarsh Satsangi

    Uhh…… Can’t log in! Mod 5.7.1 please

  • Neel K.Gangrade

    I have gone back to 5.4 version, i am able to download songs as of now. This is temporary fix, waiting for modded 7.1 version. Thanks OSMDROID

  • Blunt

    Those who are facing login problem
    Uninstall this version,
    Download latest version from store,
    Successful ?
    Remove latest original App
    Reinstall 5.6 again
    Try Login
    Worked ?
    I hope so.

  • Sohil Jhanb

    Not logging in!

  • Sridhar

    Unable to login and download !!!! Please help

  • Prashant Chauhan

    Update saavn to 5.7.1
    Previous 5.6 is not working only lagging
    Please update it as fast as possible

  • Nabendu Mondal

    Can’t login we need an update

  • Shadow07.ny

    Not able to log in since yesterday. Tried everything. Please do find a solution for this.

  • Aditya More

    Same problem guys unable to download ,but still can play offline downloaded songs

  • Yaswanth Tammisetti

    Guys i know there is a problem on the current Mod version. I tried many ways and found out one.
    Uninstall the current app, and install Saavn(not cracked)from the Play Store and login with any API you have used. Now, uninstall the app and again install the cracked version(Mod) and login. It works, but at some point this might also crash. Try this method if it works, then fine.

    • Bhavishya Saggar

      OK I want every1’s attention here… This thing works… N m now able to download my songs again…if this method fail once .. Try more.. It will work! BTW thnx yaswanth

    • Ritwic Mishra

      This does work. Thanks a lot. But osmdroid really needs to fix this bug.

    • TechLikeTv

      Won’t it delete our downloaded songs?

  • Bhavishya Saggar

    Cmon osm droid.. Do something… Pls we all upset here… Don’t let ur followers down!

  • Ashish Kumar Panda

    Toe it happened on 11 may 2k17…. I am searching for every way to solve it or to get any other app. Please help me out.

  • Raghav Gakhar

    Not able to login. Please do something about it asap. Can only stream or play previously downloaded songs.

  • Sumindra Mora

    Unable to login, and only streaming works perfectly. Need a update for this bug.

  • Kumar

    hello guys please help me, i face problem during login in saavn, its just say ‘oops you already login’ but it does not login

  • Kumar

    osmo we are waiting for saavn pro mod 5.7

  • Kshitiz Verma

    Guts I did all the things u can do like …installing the app form appstore and then uninstalling it and this mod works again…but after a while it logout again.not working
    Then I tried uninstalling and installing again it works for a while and then it logout a again.
    We need a solution fast…please guys do something.
    Anyone having some new way then please reply…

  • Aditsingh Gour

    It has logged me out. I’m trying to login it ain’t giving any response. It takes me back at home and I’m not logged in.
    Please fix this problem

  • Mithil Patil

    Big problem of not able to sign in not even able to download songs and sign in from previous versions

  • Deepak Singh

    Not able to log in and not able to download songs plz osmdroid fix this fast….

  • akshat garg

    Login not possible in the latest app… please fix dis asap.. thank you 😀

  • Tejan Saien

    Login problem in saavn. Plz update

  • Dhakksinesh
  • Vasundhara Garg

    I can no longer login using gmail id. Please fix this.

  • Dhakksinesh

    v5.7.1 ???

  • Dhakksinesh



    I can’t able to log in that’s why I can’t download any song
    Please help me

  • Akhil Kakkerla

    Login issues..getting logged out automatically.pls fix this osmodroid

  • Jatin

    Unable to login

  • Rajnish Kumar

    Hello there…
    We’re not able to download any song after login also…

  • Rajarsi Saha

    Something’s wrong with the app
    Login problems as the others have mentioned earlier
    Please fix the bug and upload a new mod 🙏🙏🙏

  • Saptarshi Das

    Hey whoever has jio . Download jio music .we can download unlimited songs there and for free!!so thats the best alternative for saavn since its pro feature is not working anymore

  • Shajahan Shaik (Shaj)

    Not able to login. Can’t use Saavn pro anymore. I’ve been using this modded version since 6 months and now it feels like I lost a friend. Pls fix this Osmdroid, we’re counting on you buddy..

  • i MRC

    Saavn version 5.6 premium access blocked…… Please solve

    • i MRC

      Please give newer version

  • Aditya Rasam

    When can we expect to get the problem sorted?

  • Pritish Salunkhe

    Hey guys I suddenly got logout from saavan … Now I am not able to login .
    I am using fb for login it says user already exist . So there are two options cancle login.
    When i click login only it loads and no action is performed.
    Due to that I am not able to create playlist. Even radio is having problems

  • Paul Mathew

    Yep same thing here unable to login. Osmdroid pls fix dis issue. V love your mod but now login problem is just killin us.

  • Simran Singh

    please update the login bug asap ☺

  • ASR1995

    does anyone have an older version ? bcoz i am also facing the same problem

  • Rishabh

    Osmdroid!!!!!!!! Please reply and help!!!! Release 5.7.1 APK asap!!!

  • usman nawaz

    when will 5.7 cracked come?

  • Lokesh

    In your next update please add earphone button response option in saavn.
    Like double tap to play next song and triple tap to play the previous track.
    I am waiting for this feature from long time.

  • Prajjwal Jain

    my app is not downloading songs any more….no login could be done via facebook or any other method…help

  • Ahsan Qureshi

    Hey man I can’t log in I try many time and there is bug in this app can you fix this pls

  • G.v. Dayanithy

    I have been using saavn for months… there’s no alternative for this app…and now with this login problem… it’s like Hell…Osmo plzz update the latest version 5.7.1

  • Dhruvil

    Can’t download songs.

  • Rafaey Ahmed

    Saavn mod is no more working i am unable to login i think that saavn has blocked this modded version from their server..😩

  • Sourabh Singh

    Unable to login

  • Utkarsh Khanvilkar

    Please Build 5.7 Cracked Apk For This!

  • Ajeet Kumar

    Sorry to say sir….but saavan 5.6 has lot of bugs..Please resolve this in next update.

  • Yash Mehta

    No matter how many times I try to login I can’t. All my offline songs also got deleted. It was working just fine when all of a sudden this happened. I’m not even able to download anything. Can someone please help me with this?

  • Awesøme Man

    Is this me or you are also facing a problem while logging in

  • Siddharth Agarwal

    It doesn’t download any songs it has a lot of bugs only one song language is selected there we can’t have choose other languages….plz fix this soon

  • Siddharth Agarwal

    Its doesn’t download any songs plus only one song language is selected there we can’t choose other languages…..plz fix this soon

  • Siddharth Agarwal

    And login problems too

  • Rohith Gali Naidu

    I am unable to select language on the first page. It says we currently do not support this language. It happens on Evey language I select.

  • Darshan K K

    Not able to login to Fb and download songs for offline. Tried to re-instated manytimes.lost all saved songs as well.

  • Prithvi Raj

    We need a new version asap

  • Arpit Sawarn


  • Vasantha Kumar Kedila

    Unable to use

  • Amritpal Singh

    Did it start working automatically??

    • Amritpal Singh

      It started for me

  • Rafaey Ahmed

    Hey today this app start working Please open this modded apk and see

    • G.v. Dayanithy

      Yeah for me too…hope problem doesn’t occur agan

  • Sanchit Yadav

    facing problem with the app..?..
    *uninstall this one
    *install from playstore, login and play a song
    *uninstall that also
    *install modded again, login and u r done..

    ya but downloded songs no more, u can download fresh ones from now.

  • Rafaey Ahmed

    Pleasr make a new version of this mod because Saavn has blocked this version..,I hope u understand

  • Aditya More

    Thank OSMDROID for solving the problem you saved my vast collection of songs

    • Blue Hat

      mine just stopped working again… how come yours is working?

  • Abhishek Sharma

    Mine started working today!!!!! Yay.. Thank you

  • santhosh kumar

    I am unable to select a language on app startup when i installed it on my new S8

  • kushagra

    It started working again yesterday but all of a sudden logged me out again today :(

  • Jinay Surana

    It’s happen. Again and. Again
    We. Have. Problem on songs in offline. Mode. Can’t login in

  • Mohd Suhail

    Can’t download songs anymore..
    Also,lost my playlist.

  • Ravneet Singh Gaba

    It’s now working for me…..same as it was before. Hope this stays.

  • Pratham Agrawal

    Unable to log into downloadsongs … Plzzz fix this issue asap

  • Dhakksinesh

    It’s working now !!
    But we need the new version ….

  • Dhakksinesh

    It will work but if close the app and open it doesn’t work !!!
    Update the app
    Give ↑ for the comment so this stays in top !!!!!!!

  • Shivanshu Kashyap

    I’m also having login problem
    lost all of my collection

  • ch khan

    Log in with your email id and then check.. If having problem again then don’t login with another way.. Forgt this and close ur savan app nd leave it for 1 or 2 days.. After 1 day please check again ur savan app.. Ur email will b there as savan log in..

    Important… Only work with ur gmail id.. Not ur facebook r mobile number..

    • ch khan

      the developer of Saavn app found a solution against this mod thats y we are facing this problem..

  • Joe Milton

    When shall we get 5.7.1 update? Why so late this time?

  • Tushar Ghosh

    had 500 songs, got deleted due to some kind of bug! CAN’T LOGIN, CAN’T DOWNLOAD, and neither any other music app is as compatible or modded as this one!

    Hey Admin, can you hack Apple Music just like how you did for Saavn! It would be a great help!

  • Suryank Singh

    Log out my account itself and don’t login after that correct this bug

  • Mohammed Jobair

    For me in the beginning it says to choose the type of music i want and there is only 3 option when i press each of them it says that it does not support the language and when i tap on done it says please choose atleast one option. Help me out plz or a new version will be good

  • Clumsy Horse

    Was working properly until one day the app crashed and logged me out, and I’m unable to log in since. Please fix or give us a new version

  • prashanth

    How much time is it gonna take for the update??

  • Jaydatt Champavat

    Should we expect any updates or this project is dead??

  • Iam Ronaldo

    Thanks a lot! Must download..101% working!

    • Shajahan Shaik (Shaj)

      What do you mean 101% working? It is not working for any of us. We’re been crying since 2 months :(

      • Iam Ronaldo

        Now it’s not :(
        I’m not able to login at all!

  • Joe Milton

    Saavn 5.8 :)

  • Mayank Bhadana

    When saavn pro 5.8 update is coming?

  • Swarnamoy Nandi

    Use the dark version.. It’s working fine for me.. Give it a try..

  • Swarnamoy Nandi

    Osmdroid plz can you provide us the crack of 5.7…plzz..

  • Naaheen

    got the same issue… can’t login now. need some update

  • Rohit Kommu

    Plzzz get us an update and a bug fixer to this app

  • sunil kumar

    Mine was fine. But updated this version now i am locked out pls fix this

  • Rohini Sampath

    The app is logging out after the free trial. We need an update soon.Thanks.


    dude not Installing

  • Surrug Rumbunktious Maiko

    This Saavn Pro 5.6 is NOT working on the samsung Galaxy S8..Corrupt File.

  • Keshav Choudhary

    Unable to login dude.. !!! Solve it.

  • Stuart Vivek

    What is the coupon code?????

  • Taha Siddiqui

    Im trying to use this app but right after i open it a screen asking me to select languages comes up and i cant select any and plus its not letting me select other languages i haven’t used this app first time using it so please tell me how to skip that page

    • Taha Siddiqui

      It keeps saying the language is currently unavailable please try again

  • Zaid Ahmed

    My app isn’t logging in . Plz help it first logged in while installing now it’s not working.

  • Sushil Tiwari

    The app is not working and not able to login in it & u guys are not providing any solution so u guys should provide updated to the app to keep ur fanbase

  • victoria street

    Unable to bypass this screen I tried almost 3 4 versions in my s7. When ever I click it says this language is unavailable and I can’t bypass this screen. Any solution?

  • Dhawal Ranka

    When is the Saavn 5.8 Download coming out?

  • Ashutosh Verma

    Encountered the issues as mentioned:
    1. After login, unable to download songs
    2. Unable to choose song audio quality(i.e. Super Duper High)
    3. when trying to access Top 15 list, getting error “Oops something went wrong”

  • Kunal Sadgir
  • Kunal Sadgir

    Log in and log out problems are also occurs…

  • Rishit Sonecha

    Its been more than 2 months now.. We can’t download or log in.. Need saavn 5.7 update

  • sagar

    It’s 5.8 is available.. Please update u r moded version

  • Rafaey Ahmad

    Please make 5.8 mod of saavn please !

    • Rafaey Ahmad

      Please make 5.8 mod

      • Rafaey Ahmad

        Please please please

  • Balu Amareswar

    Can we sync downloaded songs in other devices if we use same login id in other devices also?

  • Gaurav Mishra

    Not working. Can’t log in. Was working fine till yesterday. Then it stopped working.

  • Ash Methe

    This app was working on other phone like mine Micromax E353 this mod is not getting installed…… Pls tell me how to fix this…. It is not a login problem or prasing error….. The just cant get installed wtf

  • Harshit Agarwal

    Uninstall the modded version and download it from google play, login ur id and play 2-3 songs in it. Then uninstall it and install the modded version again, it’ll work fine.

    • Kaushik Vi

      Can you explain how it is saying if i lon in as my saavn pro expired and i have to pay to even listen songs

      • Harshit Agarwal

        Sry i cant explain dat but u must try dat i told. It works on mine phone.

  • Rahul Lekshmanan

    C I’m downloading it for the 5th time I’m fed up of logging in it show up as I’m already a pro user and my savings trail days is zero. Tell me what should I do. I feel like s*it while seeing this happening frequently. You know I’m doing it for the first time and from then it started.still it’s not done. What do I do tell me what do I do….😬😬

  • Shivam Khandelwal

    Unable to install the app. Says apk corrupt

  • Nikhil Chouhan

    Please update to lastest pro mod. V5.9 is latest version of saavn

  • Sai Nagendra

    YEAH me too can’t login even after some tried attempts it suddenly logged me out

  • Ashish Joshi

    Better use jioMusic or support the dev of saavn by buying pro subscription.

  • Riki

    Please add this feature- Double tap on play/pause button on earphone music controller should skip to next song!

  • TaNuj JaisWal

    Don’t download this version as it has a strange bug where the option to set music language is not working…u cannot listen to English songs as one cannot set music language according to their preference…

    Developers kindly fix this…coz otherwise it’s a very good app..

  • Ravi Korrapati

    I got stuck with language can’t able to select new language

    • Tahir Umer

      Same issue!!

  • Tahir Umer

    Language selection issue in this version!! Older version working with anyone?

  • vyoum Kushwaha

    Same problem here unable to login
    Even creating a new account doesn’t work

  • Rafaey Ahmad

    I think saavn is not possible now

  • dilip achlawat

    For stuck not login
    First play any song then tap on download link it wil authorize

  • dilip achlawat

    First play any song from an album then tap on download it will authorize your device then then go to in application maneger and clear cache and don’t clear data then restart your phone and open saavn and you should connected with high speed internet…. Hope it will work

  • ishy

    I am unable to log in. I get the code on my phone, unit days logging in and then no, I am not. And for download tracks anymore. And just 1/2 an hour ago all was smooth.

  • ishy

    Unable to login or download.. it sends a code to my phone and all when trying to log in. Just an hour ago all was good. It mentions when I go offline_ mystery user. Eh?

  • Akhilesh Angurana

    Not able to download songs on saavn on this mod please osmdriod fix this….

  • shubham sagar

    when new version of saavn is comming ?

  • Omkesh Dwivedi

    Yay!!! Saavn login has returned back for me. Now I can download songs again.

  • Parth Amrapurkar

    Will this mod be updated? Or osm has stopped modding saavn

  • Påffîñ Sáłvátørê

    Thank you so much this app really works for me and I had no login issue

  • Vigneesh

    Link is broken it is not downloading

  • युवराज सिंह गुलेरिया

    I am able to download the link on my micromax smartphone but not able to install the apk.
    It appears “App not installed”.
    Please do something regarding this ASAP!!

  • Praashanth

    Please in the next mod update change the alternative storage option for SD card.


    Kindly update this app to latest available 5.10.X build…

    This 5.6 is not working properly anymore…

  • Ketan Hemnani

    Always asks permission for download on data. Please fix it. Also is there any way to download in mp3

  • Ketan Hemnani

    Working modded version. If login fails then Uninstall the modded one and then install from playstore and login in that. Again Uninstall playstore one and then install back modded one and then login again in modded version. 100% login will work. Tested same trick 3 times and worked

    • shubham sagar

      Ab wo v work nahi karta ha.

      • Ketan Hemnani

        Mine is still working. But I like gaana app than savann

    • Shubham Kulkarni

      Works. Thanks

  • shubham sagar

    Please give new update.

  • Jayaditya Joshi

    Iam not able to login even after 10-15 times. It is showing my profile picture but when I go to my music it shows to login. Please help!!

  • Harish Kabra

    till yesterday it was working good.songs were gtng now not able to download the songs..plzz help

  • Saikrishnareddy Jali

    Can we update Saavn pro app

  • Chandrashekhar Singh

    when will this get updated?

  • Saptarshi Pal

    I’m getting logged out automatically…. it’s very annoying!!!
    Please upgrade to the latest version!!

  • J$

    Plz upload latest version of saavn .. thanks

  • Ashitosh Kharat

    It was working well. But after I tried a different apk. It ain’t working.

  • Arpit Naagar

    When are you guys uploading the latest mod apk of saavn??

  • Updesh Srivastava

    Saavn must have paid them enough to not release another version.

  • Aditya Singhai

    The player stops playing songs after screen is locked…In some cases …Kindly do something for this bug.

  • Sahil bagga

    Please update the app

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  • Amritpal Singh

    Not working again 😑

  • Ritik Upadhyaya

    Not loving in through Facebook I have tried so many times please update this.

  • Ritik Upadhyaya

    Not logging in saavan on this version please fix the error.

  • Möhañ Krishna Kadappu

    Please give lasted version update for Saavn

  • Möhañ Krishna Kadappu

    Latest version please osmdroid Saavn is not working properly

  • Manish Gabru

    Login doesn’t Work.. Keeps on asking to login…

  • Pratik Patel

    Unable to let me choose the language. It says the language is currently unavailable. What is the fix?

  • Aditya Singhai
  • Dr Jackal

    Please update Saavn app

  • MJ Ronnie

    It keeps logging me out. And now I am not being able to login anymore. Tried all the possible ways given in below. Nothing worked!

  • Aditya Rana

    Hey guys.. I’ve got a solution.. first of all install the mod app and then uninstall it. Then install the original Saavn from playstore and then try logging into it. And then uninstall the original app and then install the mod. It’ll work for sure. Have Fun Guys!!!

  • Mohammed Imran

    I’m seriously frustrated.
    I can’t login. No matter how many times I try.😫😫

  • Syed Adnan Razvi

    Unable to skip a song by double tapping the button on the headphone but i can do the same im the original app…. plz bring back this feature

  • Neel

    Bug with chrome cast.
    after playing 2-3 song when press for next, next song is not playing. i have to restar the app.
    i tried both light and dark but same bug.

  • Abdul Wasay Khan Mandokhail

    Why is osm droid not updating saavn to 5.10