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Saavn Pro 5.6 apk Modded Cracked

Play Store Link :

What’s New :

* Dark variant is now more darker
* My Music – all your favorite Songs, Albums, Artists and Playlists magically organized
* Offline Search – You wanted Search in My Music? You got it! And it works in Offline mode too!
* Add to My Music – The quickest and easiest way to save your music. Just tap Add from any Song, Album, or Playlist page
* Shuffle All – Listen to your songs like a boss with the new Shuffle experience from My Music!

Features of this app :

Listen Free – Unlimited, Anywhere, Anytime
* Play any song, on demand
* Create and save playlists of your favourite songs
* Enjoy expertly curated playlists in Hindi, English, and Indian regional languages, for every occasion
* Saavn Radio – endless music for any mood, song, or artist
* Don’t know what you want? Browse the Top Charts, or browse to your favorite Mood or Genre and let us do the rest!

Saavn Pro
* Download your music for listening offline
* No ads or interruptions
* 320kbps high-quality audio downloads
* No contracts or obligations

Features of this mod :

• Removed all types of ads completely. AdFree Streaming
• Removed Promotional layouts
• Paid “Pro” subscription is activated by default for free. Download any song in high Premium quality (320kbps)
• Choose between Dark / Light Theme (Original App has light theme)
• In-App updater of added for future MOD updates
Note: User won't be able to PLAY downloaded songs in other music players due DRM protection.

Instructions :

* Select which type of theme you want. (Original app theme is light)
* Install apk & LOGIN (You must have to login to get PRO) If u get error while logging in via facebook then TRY TO LOGIN TWICE. It will work 2nd time if not 1st
* Subscribe on pushbullet to get notified for future updates =>

App Info :

Package name:
Version Name & Code (Build) : 5.6 (64)
Updated on : 18 February 2017
Developed by :
Required Android Version : 4.0.3 ICECREAM SANDWICH and up (API 15)
Architectures Supported : armeabi
Light Mod apk (Size | MD5) : 14.4 MB (1,51,56,088 bytes) | 66E3BAC8F85808AC61B1109CBD756C77
Dark Mod apk (Size | MD5) : 14.3 MB (1,50,46,236 bytes) | 003E7A1D5114394492BD2AD7C291B942
Original APK size : 15.4 MB

Download Link (Light APK):

Link 1

Download Link (Dark APK):

Link 1
  • Samer Abbas

    Not working!! Asks me to choose a language and when I choose one it says it doesnt support that language. Not working with any language.

    • Lee T

      Same problem for me with all the versions, let me know the solution if you find any

      • Samer Abbas

        I have the same problem with all the versions. I’m using S7 Edge and have Android Nougat.

  • Prateek Garg

    Parsing error for the package

  • Prateek Garg

    Parsing error for package in dark apk. Trying the light one.

  • Aman sheikh official

    Am your oldest user AND I LOVE YOU OSMDROID TEAM

  • Aman sheikh official

    I joined you as a subway surfers player

  • Gurkanwal Chauhan

    Thanks bro for your awesome work…never had any issue with it. Thanks again . Dont stop workinn!!

  • Lee T

    Hi I cannot use this app in my Phone, after installation it is showing to select a language but i am unable to select it is showing ” we do not support this language currently please try again” .

    • Hacker

      Use this method if you stuck on language select.

      1: first download apk.
      2: Turn on vpn on Indian server.
      (Touchvpn has Indian server and it’s free).
      3: Then install apk. And it should work now.

  • Mayuresh Gadre

    Thank you

  • Shiva

    First install any version with 4.x and then update to 5.6, this worked for me.

  • Md Asad Uddin Shimul

    Thanks for your great sharing…You are the best….Saavn Pro by OSMDROID…No alternatives but the best alternative

  • Shivam Bhatia

    Please help
    Please add a feature to save the downloaded songs in SD card
    My phone has only 8gb memory and I get “Out of storage space” messages everyday
    Please help me
    Thank you in advance

    • Send this to Saavn. Osmdroid only cracks it. They do not add any new feature.

    • Gautam

      Hey!! All songs have DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected. There is very solution… If you want to know just let me know.

      • Hans De Jong

        How play DRM with other player?

    • Nicky

      Did you try to moving app to sd card? And then try to download songs. I’m not sure if this works, because I have Oneplus 2 64 GB. I don’t have any issues with respect to data storage.

      Try and let me know, usually if the application is moved to SD card, the application and it’s data splits into sd card and phone storage.

  • Urvish Gandhi

    I am using samsung note 5 in canada and I am not able to access settings button…whenever i touch settings, it shows error saying ,”Unfortunately, Saavn stopped working” Help me out

  • Urvish Gandhi

    I am using Saavn pro in Note 5 and I am not able to access settings button…whenever i touch settings, it shows error saying ,”Unfortunately, Saavn stopped working” Help me out

  • Janam Patel

    It is telling that songs are downloading but they are not help!

  • Hans De Jong

    Hello all of you, just install the modded app version 5.6 do not open yet then as (Hacker) wrote use TouchVPN connect to India then open the app choose your languages, login and do your settings and yes you have now all! NOTE: Settings only possible when connected to India so far!
    Please give feedback if it worked??

  • Sanket Mohapatra

    Really awesome work and keep doing this.

  • chiqou

    Thanks bro u r always the best , this time when I have updated it it’s not working properly , if I open it 10 times may be it will work just 1 time , I live in Dubai and I tried Mumbai based VPN even , it work only 1 time , can u plz help me , thanks and keep up the good work , take care bro

  • Jan

    Guys plz help me. For me it doesn’t open at all. I tried all versions. A month ago it worked after uninstaling it does not open any more. Why?

    • Hans De Jong

      Jan, do just that what i wrote down…and it must work…for it workshop for me also! When not connected to India as i self experience you can not do settings and it will stop the app…so VPN to India do choose your languages and login and it is fully active…then you can have your own country VPN and then search, listen, download etc…and when you want to change settings again always use India vpn!! INSTALL ONLY THE NEW SAAVN PRO 5.6 MODDED APP ONLY!!

      • Md Asraf Ali

        100% working thanks bro

      • Jan

        The problem is I do all steps u said. But it’s not opening at all. Quits immediately as soon as I click on app to open 🙄

        • xymic

          Try enabling Location or Storage permission from App Settings.

          • Jan

            Did that as well. Still not working 😕

  • Jan

    No one ready to help? Admin u maybe?

  • Can you please disable the always irritating location prompt. It asks this everytime I open the app.

  • Gautam

    Hey bro!! Everything is fine with the mod… Everything works great. But there is something missing i.e. the notification player.. it very classic and old looking. I wanted Spotify kinda player….

  • Darab Imteyaz

    I am in Russia, maybe Saavn ban English song outside of India, would you able to bypass that too?
    Waiting for your response.


  • Praveen

    Not working it show ” we dont support selected language”

  • Praveen
  • swayam aggarawal

    Its not working,
    Everytime I install and error come with name, app not installed.
    Please help,
    Ps – my mobile is not rooted

  • Riddhi Bhanushali

    I cant even download any song now it just keeps showing in process all day and then too no downloaded songs 😭 …i have tried all links and theme but i can download a single song..😭😭 please help

  • Vishal Chandak

    Hi, do you have any online repository where others can contribute too…

  • Jasdev Singh

    Weekly top 15 not working

  • Amit

    Why i am not able to choose a language? It says “we do not support this language currently”. Please fix or help.

  • Govind Katkamwar

    I have 5.5 moded version installed and now trying to install 5.6 moded version but it’s not installing.

    • Harjinder singh

      I think u hv to uninstall the 5.5 version first, then try to install this versiin…. sometimes it happens with sm devices my HTC has the same problem but my Samsung tab doesn’thv this prob. …. but be4 doing this make sure to backup ur 5.5 version just in case if u lost both or u can download 5.5 version again…. ;)

  • Vraj Mehta


  • Arun Kumar

    Setting option not working in latest version bro

    • OmBheemBush

      Did you make it work?

  • Muhammad Nawaz Shariff

    You guys are the best! Really appreciating.. <3 i got this site through sadeemapk they are posting your app on their site naming it by their's …ill help u guys in promoting this site everywhere. If u want.

  • Muhammad Nawaz Shariff

    Guys i got a problem , cant follow my friends who are using same mod saavn. They not even on the list. PLEASE HELP…!

  • Prince Rajpoot

    Very amazing works fine 100%
    Please upload hotstar cracked version

  • Yash Aggarwal

    The downloaded songs list does not appear while playing a song from that list…. Plz help

  • Subal Suchdev

    The only problem I discover with saavn is that when I’m driving, I use my headset’s multifunctional button in hope to change the music, but all that it does is it pauses the music and plays it when pressed again, the double press to forward and triple to previous doesn’t work with it, is there any fix for this issue????

  • Srikanth

    For some reason. Weekly top 15 playlist not working and if I press on the settings the app closing abruptly. And all the charts and playlist loading very slowly.

  • mr robot

    you can play the song downloaded from saavan in any music player using some steps.

  • SS

    Best app, keep up the good work. I have updated to latest version. When i try select language, list is empty. Also i am not able find favourite list or starred songs.

  • Ajay Kumar

    Working 100%, thanks mate

  • Himanshu Kapri

    Hello man… This crack app is awesome… I appreciate you but problem is small for me is that… When I shuffle my songs it will shuffle only one song and then songs are play at their original order… And when I lock my fone or press home button shuffle action is not working… Pls fix this issue…

  • Himanshu Kapri

    One more thing… I’m not able to find some of explicit song like starboy by weeknd is Clean version on saavan…. And some of the Eminem Explicit songs?????