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Saavn Pro 5.1.2 apk modded cracked unlocked full

Play Store Link :

What’s New :

* “Pro Only” songs/albums not playing is bug from official saavn. It doesnt even play on official apk having officially bought pro.
* Shows now keep track of bookmarks! We will mark shows you have listened to, badge new episodes, and keep track of how much you have listened to for each episode.
* The player now remembers which song you were listening to, and starts right back where you left off.
* We’ve totally redesigned song detail views to make browsing and discovering music easier. See recommended songs and get quick access more content from that songs top artists.
* Lots of little fixes to make Chromecast more stable.

Features of this app :

Listen Free – Unlimited, Anywhere, Anytime
★ Play any song, on demand
★ Create and save playlists of your favourite songs
★ Enjoy expertly curated playlists in Hindi, English, and Indian regional languages, for every occasion
★ Saavn Radio – endless music for any mood, song, or artist
★ Don’t know what you want? Browse the Top Charts, or browse to your favorite Mood or Genre and let us do the rest!

Saavn Pro
★ Download your music for listening offline
★ No ads or interruptions
★ 320kbps high-quality audio downloads
★ No contracts or obligations

Features of this mod :

• Removed all types of ads completely. AdFree Streaming
• Removed Promotional layouts
• Paid “Pro” subscription is activated by default for free. Download any song in high Premium quality (320kbps)
• Choose between Dark / Light Theme (Original App has light theme)
• In-App updater of added for future MOD updates
Note: User won't be able to PLAY downloaded songs in other music players due DRM protection.

App Info :

Version Name & Version Code (Build) : 5.1.2 (56)
Updated on : 22 July 2016
Developed by :
Required Android Version : 4.0.3 ICECREAM SANDWICH and up (API 15)
Original APK size : 12.4 MB
Dark Mod apk MD5 | Size : DBF682C6B6A3F765D270DB33F3E72D60 | 11.3 MB (1,18,90,088 bytes)
Light Mod apk MD5 | Size : AC25DD30CAC468B1A5A6A76DEA371FDE | 11.4 MB (1,20,10,660 bytes)

Download Link (Light APK):

Link 1

Download Link (Dark APK):

Link 1

Instructions :

* Select which type of theme you want. (Original app theme is light)
* Install apk & LOGIN (You must have to login to get PRO) If u get error while logging in via facebook then TRY TO LOGIN TWICE. It will work 2nd time if not 1st
* Subscribe on pushbullet to get notified for future updates =>

  • Himanshu Tuteja

    Still not fixed and app is showing lags…. Reverting back to 5.0🙁

    • FFS , read 1st line in changelog


    There is no 320kbps option in this app

  • Thank You Very Much 😊

  • arslan

    Please Make Subscribed Ganna + App. Thanks

  • c2farooq

    There is no 320kbps option always 128kbps files download.

    • Mini mus


  • Harshal Ajmera

    Can anybody help? Getting Error

    E/ConnectivityService(1043): RemoteException caught trying to send a callback msg for NetworkRequest [ id=48, legacyType=-1, [ Capabilities: INTERNET&NOT_RESTRICTED&TRUSTED&NOT_VPN] ]

  • Vivek Malhan

    Where are the downloaded songs stored in phone ?

  • Prakash Karthic

    Getting App not installed error in my gionee s plus marshmallow

  • Kaustubh

    Fix this please

  • Songlover

    Will my previously downloaded songs go away if I download the update and install it?

  • Songlover

    Will my previously downloaded songs go away if I download the update and install it? I’m currently using an older version of the modded app.

  • RJ

    I cant go online when I turnoff WiFi even though I have a good data plan from my cellular provider.When I connect to WiFi it goes online and I can download songs. Why can’t I go online on my celluar network is this expected behavior ?

  • It’s not installing..plz fix it

    • Remove older version if installed

      • Susheel Chaudhary

        I also found it when I goes to install this apk. I have not installed any older version.

  • Manozz

    I have around 300 songs. But after few days it keeps crashing every time. Even after I reset the phone. It’s crashing every time.. plz fix

  • Rahul Valecha

    I’m unable to sign in using facebook account. Disabled facebook app but still couldn’t sign in. Pls help!

  • Kousik Surya S

    I am getting login error continuously. Tried uninstalling and installing again. This happened a few days after me enjoying some songs. Now I keep getting login error.

  • preet juneja

    Thank you!

  • Rahul Chanana

    DRM Protection Removed from Saavn!!! Now you can download the song directly through the Internet Download Manager. May be this is the mistake from Saavn or something else. Try it!!!!

  • Nishant Raghav

    App not installed.

    • Preet Juneja

      Uninstall previous Saavn app.


    Not working on my moto x play
    HELP :-|

  • ashutosh

    I was going through the comments section and was socked to see no one raised an issue regarding queing of songs doesn’t work in 4.5 modded app onwards, hopefull admin could answer my question.

    • Preet Juneja

      It’s working.

    • Preet Juneja

      It’s working. Check Screenshot.

      • ashutosh

        Dude option is there but queing don’t work, try it urself for some songs.

        • Preet Juneja

          Well working fine for me.

          • ashutosh

            Neither wrk in my phone nor in my many friends that I’m confirmed bro…. Play one song then dnt que next , que 4th then 8th and then see. If it’s working plz let me know. So that we ppl can figure out whether there is prblm innour phone or somethung else.

          • Preet Juneja

            Don’t queue next queue 3rd and 4th.
            Please explain this what you meant? I’ll surly let you know whether this work or not but I’m not able to understand!

          • ashutosh

            I meant yo say dnt que just next song of tge playlist as even if u won’t que it will automatically play next song rather que any random songs in a playlist then let me know whether it plays ur qued songs or just plays next song in tgat playlist.

          • Preet Juneja

            Hey it’s working.
            Did you mean moving song from one place to other in a queue?
            Like I’ve 7th song and I want to make it 2nd song kind of?
            Yes that’s not possible in this version. You’ve to manually select each and every.

          • ashutosh

            That’s what i was saying Preet, but in earlier version (version 4.5) it works flawlessly but 4.5 onwarda this queing of ur desired song doesn’t work at all. Que should must wrk otherwise it’s useless for example if i dnt want to listen the next song but in newer version it will next song only not my qued song. 4.5 is much better than this later versiin and one more thing on this website ismdroid u searched for 4.5 version i downloaded and found that it’s latest version again olny which 5.1.2 so they have automatically made all old version link yo new version only. Osm droid should look into this issue.

          • Preet Juneja

            Well I will give feedback to Saavn it’s not mistake of OSM droid you know.

          • ashutosh

            Just to get confirmed I’m installing original saavn app then I’ll see. And thanks for ur reply. But osmdroid should not change its old version links to new version. They should keep the link active for the asked version if the saavn. Thanks fir ur replies Preet.

  • sandeep goud

    320kbps not available

    • Preet Juneja

      Select Download Premium Audio under setting.

  • Roshan Oscar Sah

    320 kbps not available. .please. ..add

    • Preet Juneja

      Select Download Premium Audio under settings.

      • Roshan Oscar Sah

        Ya .. but can you explain premium audio is ?kbps , is it 320kbps?

        • AltairIbnLaAhad

          320kbps is the highest audio quality. It is marked “super duper high” in music settings.

  • Umit Shrestha

    Crashes immediately on my rooted OnePlus 3..have uninstalled removed the installed folder n tried installing again but still doesn’t work..plz help

    • Preet Juneja

      When does it crash? After opening or after playing song or anything else? Also did you try earlier version whether they are stable?

      • Umit Shrestha

        It crashes at the startup..when I try to open it ..saavn logo pops up starts to load then immediately crashes.. it used to work before I rooted. As said before have uninstalled it removed the folders n reinstalled but still crashes. Older 4.*.* Works but I want this latest version.

        • Preet Juneja

          Well my phone is rooted as well. Hope your problem will be fixed by next update ’cause on my side it’s working fine.

  • Aziz Sayyed

    No option to download mp3’s in 320kbps….please check and fix it… Thank you soo much 👌 👍

    • Preet Juneja

      Select Download Premium Audio under settings.


    Please give an update compatible with Android N…not able to download songs😢

  • Hitesh

    Is DRM still present ? Can I copy/move downloaded songs to some other location (Internal memory, SD card, PC etc) ?

  • Damocles Stark

    if i selected download premium check box i is not showing 320kbps!!!

  • Akshay Deo

    Please update to 5.2.1 thank you

  • Md Asad Uddin Shimul

    Saavn Pro 5.2.1 Modded Pls

  • AnuraG SharmA

    Please update the version as i am not able to use it on my one plus one, it is not syncing new songs and each time it switches to offline mode and when I turn it in online mode it doeant show /load albums..if anybody else is facing such issue and having fix for it them please suggest..

    • Dhiraj Deore

      I’m facing the same issue…

  • Bill

    come to desi-talk(DOT)COM and go to “Scene Discussions” to talk about SAAVN pro mod apk even more

  • Anikait Thakur

    No English language option coming. Please help

  • Johnathan Morrison

    Can you please update the app. I see v5.2.1 in the play store but I’m using 5.1.2. An update will be helpful as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • Akshay Deo

    Please update to 5.2.1 🙏

  • abby


  • Ashtik

    Amazing man. Just while changing songs frequently it tends to lag a bit. I am using a samsung s7 so probably not an issue with my phone. I hope you look into it and btw the downloads take time to get authorised if the app is closed it doesnt download
    Nevertheless amazing thanks you for this app

  • Nimish Dubey

    My downloads are pending not downloading the songs Please Help !!

    • Ashish Jadhav

      same here with my lawa phone pls help..

  • Samy

    It’s showing unavailable

  • Vaibhav Rai

    It is asking for Coupon code to activate pro.

    • sauravs1

      Download the song, no need for premium subscription :)

  • Yash Sharma

    Thank You So Much….working amazingly!!

  • SOuMA-kun

    Asking for Coupon

    • sauravs1

      Just download the song

  • Dhiraj Deore

    I tried it today it is showing log in error Every time and also not showing any updates related to music world….

  • Md Asad Uddin Shimul

    Update to 5.3.2

  • Harsh Dubey

    Your Latest Update 3.2 is having some kind of issues that needs to be corrected.

  • great love this.

  • Dhaiwat Sant

    Can’t install it due to existing files. Actually, i rooted my phone and deleted the preinstalled app of saavn. Now i cant install this app due to some unseen leftover data of the preinstalled app. Please help

    • Ąloŋə Iıŋ Mılıoŋs

      Goto android> Data>com.saaven and delete this folder now install it

  • Harshit Agarwal

    HD audio quality is not available

  • Mohamed Azarudeen

    Working good

  • Shrihari Chandwadkar

    does it works on windows phone??reply ASAP

  • Kartikeya

    Not installing.It always shows app not installed.pls. help

    • Ąloŋə Iıŋ Mılıoŋs

      uninstall the old version of saaven first and then install it

  • Ziba Ji

    is there any iOS version

  • Palak Patel

    How to transfer the songs from saavn to computer if we want to in android . I know how to but the names of songs come different when i transfer them to my pc. Please help me getting songs with names if U know how to transfer them correctlly

  • Rohan Madiratta

    When I click on the file it says can’t open application


    I can’t download
    Any songs

  • Shikha Gupta

    Automatically gets logged out and shows mystery user. No playlists and online songs visible. Only offline availability of songs.

    Please fix this !

    • Animesh Sah

      i am having the same problem what to do

  • Yogesh Vats

    App Not Working I Had Tried Many Times But Unable To Login. It shows Loging In But Again on maine page it ask for login.

    • Iam Ronaldo


  • Malhar Desai

    cannot log in

  • please help me where is the option of change the alnguage

  • Santhosh Kumar

    After installing when I open the app only Punjabi telugu and Tamil languages are available. When I click any of those it’s saying WE DO NOT SUPPORT THIS LANGUAGE CURRENY. PLEASE TRY AGAIN. there is no other option too. I tried reinstalling. Still the same problem. It has occurred recently, only after I changed my phone to s8. Plz give a solution.

  • Rãhül Pràsáð

    Get a crack of current version…plz

  • aditya singh

    No songs are downloading and it is not logging in.

  • Sahil Ranadive

    Guys if there’s a problem of not downloading then download opera VPN from play store and connect to USA and then try

  • Sitaram Meena