saavn pro crack full

Saavn Pro 5.5 apk mod crack

Play Store Link :

What’s New :

* Improvements and bug fixes

Features of this app :

Listen Free – Unlimited, Anywhere, Anytime
★ Play any song, on demand
★ Create and save playlists of your favourite songs
★ Enjoy expertly curated playlists in Hindi, English, and Indian regional languages, for every occasion
★ Saavn Radio – endless music for any mood, song, or artist
★ Don’t know what you want? Browse the Top Charts, or browse to your favorite Mood or Genre and let us do the rest!

Saavn Pro
★ Download your music for listening offline
★ No ads or interruptions
★ 320kbps high-quality audio downloads
★ No contracts or obligations

Features of this mod :

• Removed all types of ads completely. AdFree Streaming
• Removed Promotional layouts
• Paid “Pro” subscription is activated by default for free. Download any song in high Premium quality (320kbps)
• Choose between Dark / Light Theme (Original App has light theme)
• In-App updater of added for future MOD updates
Note: User won't be able to PLAY downloaded songs in other music players due DRM protection.

Instructions :

* Select which type of theme you want. (Original app theme is light)
* Install apk & LOGIN (You must have to login to get PRO) If u get error while logging in via facebook then TRY TO LOGIN TWICE. It will work 2nd time if not 1st
* Subscribe on pushbullet to get notified for future updates =>

App Info :

Version Name & Version Code (Build) : 5.5 (63)
Updated on : 24 January 2017
Developed by :
Required Android Version : 4.0.3 ICECREAM SANDWICH and up (API 15)
Original APK size : 14.9 MB
Architectures Supported : arm
Light Mod apk MD5 | Size : 229EC336484B58CBD7D72700F0FAEC3B | 13.9 MB (1,46,15,396 bytes)
Dark Mod apk MD5 | Size : 7AEE218E141A81E2896F002BD42339CA | 13.8 MB (1,45,05,468 bytes)

Download Link (Light APK):

Link 1

Download Link (Dark APK):

Link 1
  • Dwayne Jhonson

    Please add headphone guesture control in the next update like double click of the headphone button to change the music and all..!!

    • co0l1992

      He isn’t the developer of the app..
      Request this to the developers on play store..

  • i MRC

    [saavn] my app is crashing. while opening ,it shows a white screen and goes. I tried installing both dark and light apk , but same problem occures

  • Vikas Krishna

    Thanks man.

  • Manay Shah

    My phone is Micromax A107 This Saavn is not getting installed in my phone . I even tried the lower version of it but it was having the same problem . Pls do something to get started with Saavn pro app

    • Pratham Mhatre

      Same here on my Intex Cloud Swift.

    • Hrushikesh

      Saavn has already installed its signature in partnership with your phone’s company..hence you cannot install the other other signature of app.

  • Viral Haria

    How do i unlink facebook from the saavn app?

  • Ram
    • Kamber Devjianie

      Dude, Did you manage to find a solution?

      • Asghar Butt

        first download apk.
        Turn on vpn on Indian server.
        (Touchvpn has Indian server and it’s free).
        Then install apk. And it should work now.
        Working on my galaxy s5 using this method.

  • Ram

    Unfortunately it is stuck in language select option and I uploaded picture below. Thank you.

    • Asghar Butt

      first download apk.
      Turn on vpn on Indian server.
      (Touchvpn has Indian server and it’s free).
      Then install apk. And it should work now.
      Working on my galaxy s5 using this method.

  • Sadiq

    Unable to download songs…..

  • Sadiq

    Is everyone facing this issue….?

  • Sadiq

    It’s showing sync in progress, after that…. No download…..

  • Lucky Dzire

    Dont buy stupid phones like micromax or intex, working perfactly in samsung galaxy e5.

  • Keith Borges

    Doesn’t download songs.says sync in progress but never downloading

    • Jayaprad Deo

      Even i am facing the same issue

  • Pankaj Kumar

    Working fine in OnePlus …Download also working

  • Kamber Devjianie

    Just bought a new phone and tried installing Saavn. Its now showing that it doesnt support the language. Please can you help? I am using it exactly the same way i was before.

    • Asghar Butt

      first download apk.
      Turn on vpn on Indian server.
      (Touchvpn has Indian server and it’s free).
      Then install apk. And it should work now.
      Working on my galaxy s5 using this method.

      • Amuja Mhatre

        Thanks, Works on my AT&T Locked Note Edge (Tried in USA)

  • Can’t see the option to cast the music. Can this be fixed in next update?

  • Gitanshu Garg

    I dint make the app but I am developer. This is because of the doze feature in Android 7.
    Go to battery and then battery optimisation and exclude the saavn app from there.
    This can even happen in android 6, some manufacturers like had stamina mod.

    So it’s recommended to download songs while your screen in turned on.
    Your phone is on charging or
    You are playing songs on saavn, then download will work on sleep.

  • Amitabh Tiwari

    Original icon of Saavn was best.

  • Jam Sar

    Please mod saavn 5.6.

    • Mayuresh Gadre

      5.6 limits downloads to 3gb. While older cracked version is unlimited.

  • Mayuresh

    hello, Please upload version 5.6 mod apk

  • Asghar Butt

    Use this method if you stuck on language select.

    1: first download apk.
    2: Turn on vpn on Indian server.
    (Touchvpn has Indian server and it’s free).
    3: Then install apk. And it should work now.
    Working on my galaxy s5 using this method.

    • A M

      most of the users are indian. why the fuck would they wanna download indian app anyway? and it lets you download saavn in usa too it jsut wouldnt let you listen to english music

      • margesh patel

        I’m Indian and I live in Canada. It’s for users like us :(((

  • Kalidass Balasubramani

    Continuously crashes out. Could not hear one full song with data mode ON and OFF. Downloaded songs takes almost 10-15 seconds to play or error in playing downloaded song. White listed saavn from battery optimization but crashes again and again

  • Md Asad Uddin Shimul

    Eagerly waiting for version 5.6 Mod on your site…Best saavn mod worked ever….Please upload it fast

  • Riddhi Bhanushali

    I cant download a single song it always shows in process but doesnt download i have tried all links and theme but its still the same plzzz help 😭😭😭

    • A M

      it will not download songs. use other premium features

  • A M

    it will not let you download songs. it would however give you other premium features. it must authenticate the account for it to download songs from the server. i dont think it is possible to hack their servers to find a loophole. but anyway having ad free saavn is good idea or you can use 7 days trial and then clear app data and new id for 7 more days but it gets annoying as you cant save your playlist and songs for when you need em. id suggest yal to get a year subscription if you love music.

  • Arkah Zee

    i cant log in. It doesnt give me the option to log in

  • Yeshwanth Reddy

    Something is wrong… I used this for around 6 months and worked out fine then some problems occurred. one of them is unable to download some songs, unable to open settings and occasional crashing etc. So I uninstalled it and tried to install it again but after installing the app is not working at all

    Please fix it

    • Nikunj Thakkar

      how did you get away with the punjabi tamil telugu language selection screen ?

  • Yeshwanth Reddy

    It’s just showing this screen, it happened when I moved from India to us

    • Nikunj Thakkar

      i have this same issue in Canada !

    • Nikunj Thakkar

      Can osmdroid please fix this as soon as possible?

  • Pratik Mukherjee

    Not installing on any lolipop device. Pls. Help..

  • Mahesh kumar

    Login issues – tried logging in 7-8 times, every time it shows login successful but when i start downloading any song it asks me to login, and in user page it shows me as “Mystery User”

  • Shubham Chhaparia

    I am getting and error “Error with Facebook Cookies” and can’t Log in

  • Swapnil Rawate

    Can’t login with Facebook or mobile number. This error is coming from past 2 days

  • Sarang

    Cannot download anymore even after sync in progress has been appeared on screen!!!

  • Tanmay_B

    When I first download the app (and logged in using FB account) it worked perfectly. But after few days. It started crashing. Stopped loading songs. And constantly telling me to login again. So I uninstalled the app and installed it. Now I am stuck at language select.

  • Shubham

    The version 5.6 is giving problem while downloading(Old Users) and login(new users) but if u get the old apk it will work fine . I have downloaded old apk and it is working but the downside is that u will lose all ur downloaded songs

    • Kush Bhatia

      please provide the link. when i try to download older version it downloads the the latest 5.6 version somehow. very frustrating.

  • Parth

    Can’t login with my old account and it doesn’t even download songs, Pls degrade this update to the previous version and don’t make it Complusory to upgrade the app.
    I am sincerely looking forward to any action leading for the better. Thank you

  • Sukrit Singh

    I can’t login!! Please help tried multiple times

  • ginzon

    Seems Saavn has changed the way of authorization n download.. Can’t download songs.. Also my account cannot be logged in.. Banned may be..

  • Ashish Tiwari

    Cannot download songs anymore.My god i used to rely on this app heavily for all my music needs and now it does not let me login and even after trying multiple times the FB login does not work. Developers please fix this as music/SAAVN drives me. Hope someone looks into these comments. Also sent an email to your support/contact us email.

  • Pritish Salunkhe

    Hey guys I suddenly got logout from saavan … Now I am not able to login .
    I am using fb for login it says user already exist . So there are two options cancle login.
    When i click login only it loads and no action is performed.
    Due to that I am not able to create playlist. Even radio is having problems.

  • Satya

    After installimg apk it shows only 3 language punjabi telugu tamil and none of them is selectable it says doesn’t support this language
    Please someone help

    • Sameer Bhaskarla

      I have got the same issue. Did you find any solution to that?

      • Satya

        I installed the older version 5.2.1 of saavn pro it still works and works without bug….

        • Sameer Bhaskarla

          That worked for me as well. Thanx a ton

          • Selventhran Serman

            Do you have the link for 5.2.1 version?

  • Priyanshu Tanwar

    Gets logged out automatically and then doesn’t login thereafter. Really irritating. :/

  • Richik Maity

    is the bug now fixed?

  • Prince Kothari

    Can’t sync my songs when i installed it in other phone and whenever i login it shows logged in but it still shows mysterious user

  • Naveen Malla

    Not able to select the languages not opening at all

    • Selventhran Serman

      Yes, I am also not able to select any language. It says ” we don’t support this language currently. Please try again” for all the languages. Please help!

  • Pratik Patel

    The saavn app doesn’t allow me to choose a language!! What should I Do?

  • Aditya Aravind

    Well,after a lot of struggle I finally got it

  • Nikhil Garg

    I guess I have found a solution.
    Download the app snap.VPN from Google make it connect to US server after that try login with your saavn account !

  • Ajay Chanana

    Not able to select any other language, if we try to change its shows blank page. Not able to download music always go to login page, even already logged in.