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assignment What’s New :

( 3.6.8 )
• [Fix] Color of icons on quickbar intro screen on Marshmallow
• [Fix] Misc bug fixes and improvements over v3.6.7
( 3.6.7 )
• [Added] Ability to enter in overview mode when desktop is locked
• [Improvement] in Wallpaper changer which now uses AC3’s unique logo and text to differentiate it with now launcher
• [Fix] Add shadow to quicktheme preview when using the action bar,quick drawer and quickpage
• [Fix] Quickbar settings preview updates correctly when toggling quickdrawer on/off on Android 4.x devices
• [Fix] Quickbar settings preview displays correctly with a material light background when using marshmallow and improvements over v3.6.6
( 3.6.6 )
• [Fix] Shadow incorrectly showing when using a Quickbar type of None
• Improvements over v3.6.5
( 3.6.5 )
• [Improved] Importing from other launchers including placeholder widgets
• [Added] Shadow to the action bar
• [Improved] Dividers in settings to more closely match material design guidelines
• [Fix] Auto creation of shutters
• [Fix] Quickbar showing after exiting the settings via back button
• [Fix] Google+ Quickbar icon
• [Fix] Crash when changing wallpaper on Marshmallow
( 3.6.4 )
• [Added] Now you can select colored mic icon for quickbar when editing icon
• [Fix] When using a scrolling wallpaper with 2 or 3 home screens, position the wallpaper around the center of the image rather than the left edge
• [Fix] Set wallpaper position when the app boots. Previously the app sometimes inherited the wallpaper position based on where another launcher left it
• Bug fixes and performance improvements over v3.6.3
( 3.6.3 )
• [Fix] Quickfind results display correctly in the event a new app is installed on the device
• [Fix] Fix rare case where “No Apps found” message displaying over top of the apps list when using quickfind
• [Fix] All apps text color when going to/from Material Light
• [Fix] Fix all apps items with long names being too close to the background edge over v3.6.2
( 3.6.2 )
• Fixes and improvements over v3.6.1
( 3.6.1 )
• [Fix] upgrading from action launcher 3.5.4 when google logo was hidden from quickbar
• Introducing Quickfind! Filter and load apps at lightning speed!
• Use the new Google logo on the Quickbar.
• 12 Home screen transition effects.
• Initial translation support for more than 20 languages.
• ‘Today Calendar’ icon support.
• A host of stability/misc. bug fixes.

local_play Features of this app :

• Quicktheme: marvel as the colors from your wallpaper are used to automatically customize and theme items on your home screen!
• Quickbar: customize the Google search bar at the top of the screen with shortcuts and apps of your choosing.
• Covers: an innovative take on traditional folders. Tapping a Cover loads an app, swiping a Cover opens a hidden folder which you have customized.
• Shutters: swipe a shortcut to reveal an app’s widget. Allows you to say preview your inbox or Facebook feed without opening the app.
• Quickdrawer: An A to Z list of all your apps. Of course you can hide apps you don’t want to see all the time also.
• Use icon packs, scale icons, change app icons, rename apps and much more.
• Full phone, phablet and tablet support.

Plus + Donate Features
• Quicktheme – your layout will be colored based on your wallpaper !
• Tweak the colors of the search box, quickdrawer,folders and more yourself !
• Quickbar – customize the items in search box and action bar!
• Shutters – the power of widgets are just a swipe away !
• Use icon packs , change icon scales and change individual icons
• Quickpage – a fully featured home screen accesible from the right edge of the screen
• Customizable shortcuts & gestures .
• Infinite folders
• Hide/customize quickdrawer/app apps items
• A host of other customizations !
• Removed ads/upgrade incentives
• Special supporter medal in settings

stars Features of this mod :

* Plus + Donate features are activated by default
* Made app size smaller
* In-App updater of added for future MOD updates

info App Info :

Version Name & Version Code (Build) : 3.6.8 (3060800)
Package Name : com.actionlauncher.playstore
Updated on : 16 October 2015
Developed by : Chris Lacy
Required Android Version : 4.1 JELLYBEAN and up (API 16)
APK size : 6.73 MB (7,064,656 bytes) (Original 6.85 MB)
MD5 : B64028A79CA017B23AB1B8C73E413AD7

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