About Us

What do we provide?
Here we posts some news that you need to be aware of and cool and osm apps with various mods of apps and games with clean interface and more privacy. Do you know Analytics and crash reporters can send your device’s information to developers? Do you know the ads within the apps can lead user to malware sites which is not likable . So we try to disable those stuff and gives you more secure and safer app.

What does “OsmDroid.net” means?
“Osm” simply means AweSome . Droid is short form of “Android”.
So we try to make your “Droid” more “Osm” on internet.

Some History of us
-“OsmDroid.net” was launched on 10th June 2014.
-We survived 7 months with that old html designed website which was not mobile-friendly at all.
-In January 2015 most popular mod of WhatsApp was being murdered and then we also had a major injury with legal setback on 7th FEB 2015 . We had to close down that old site due to legal issues. It was closed down for a 2 months.
-Many up and down were there in these 2 months and the 2nd most popular mod of WhatsApp was also being murdered on 31th march 2015. And now here we are , getting back to work again after the funeral of that mod with completely new Material Design and mobile friendly site. We hope you like it.


Be Osm Stay Osm